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Cutting-Edge Recycling Catalytic Converter

December 1, 2022

About million of cars run on the streets of the United States, and there is no doubt each one is a great source of Air pollution. Moreover, these pollution creating vehicles are doing a lot of harm to the environment. Though, TopDollarForCars which has grabbed more than 10 years in the auto recycling industry is here to give you some thorough information about what Catalytic Converter is and how it helps in converting harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions. 

Well, seeing the pollution &  to solve the problem, the Government has created clean air laws that restrict the pollution amount that any car can produce. Many enhancements & changes have been done in car engines & one of the changes done in `1975 is a device called a catalytic converter.  

So, catalytic converters are devices that are incredible & simple but leave a major impact. Moreover, in this blog, you’ll learn about what kind of pollutants are produced by the engines & how these converters help in reducing vehicle emissions. 

Well, before going further….you must know that you can get the best of the best Cash for Catalytic Converter by recycling it, you’ll get to know about it in this blog further. 

What does Catalytic Converter Do?

A catalytic converter consists of a chamber which is known as a catalyst that changes the harmful compounds of engines into safe gases. It separates the atoms that make up the molecule in the gases produced by the car before they get released into the air. 

Moreover, it is located in the base of the vehicle and looks like a large metal box. There are two pipes which are coming out of it & the converter with the help of these pipes & the catalyst makes the gas safe before getting expelled into the air. 

The catalytic converter plays a vital role in your car’s exhaust system. The gases are brought in through a “drive” pipe connected to the car’s engine. These are blown into a catalyst, causing a chemical reaction to break down the pollutants. Harmless air now flows through a second pipe, or “outlet”, which is connected to the car’s exhaust pipe.

The catalyst which is inside the converter is generally made of platinum or any similar metal. Apart from that, there is an oxygen sensor in the converter which tells how much oxygen is found in the exhaust gases. 

Going further, if you are looking to recycle your car’s catalytic converter  & want on-the-spot cash, then there is no better place than TopDollarForCars where you’ll get the service with the best rates….like icing on the cake.

Types of Catalytic Converters

There are two types of catalytic converters that are used within an exhaust system to handle specific gases. The 1st one is Two-Way & 2nd is Three-Way….let’s understand the uses thoroughly. 


There are two major catalysts in the converter, reduction & oxidation, & that’s the reason the two-way converter was in use till 1980 as it has only an oxidation catalyst that aids in changing carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.  


From 1980 onwards three-way catalysts came into use as it contains a reduction catalyst along with the oxidation catalyst. It performs the same as the 1st one but in addition, the reduction catalyst helps in changing nitrogen oxides to nitrogen & oxygen gases.  

Moreover, diesel engines operate with a two-way catalyst, the converters are specially designed for these kinds of engines & they target soluble organic fractions.  

Issues with Bad Catalytic Converter

Have you ever wondered…what happens when your catalytic converter goes bad? Here are the signs of a bad converter…

  • The internal damage can make it tough to convert the exhaust gases. 
  • It may reduce the amount of airflow through your engine. 
  • It can make your car falter. 
  • You might notice jerking while accelerating your car. 
  • The defective converter might trigger the warning light to come on. 

When Should You Change Your Car’s Converter

Above, you already have known the issues you can get into when your car’s converter is flawed. Well, if you know the time to fix your catalytic converter has come, it’s better to do it in the first place.  

Also, you might notice the degrading performance of your car, it might create some strange noises….so just understand it’s time to inspect the converter before it gets too late.  

Moreover, if you go to any auto shops they might charge you a huge amount of money. So, it’s better to replace it yourself as it will not take much time & will also save you from spending that extra money. All you need is a socket wrench & a screwdriver and you’re good to go.  

Get Handsome Cash for Catalytic Converter

Well, if you want to know the tips for changing the converter of your car…just give a call to TopDollarForCars and our staff members will assist you with what to do with your non-usable catalytic converter.  

Well, we are the top auto-recycling industry and you can earn some handsome cash by just recycling the converter, this way you can help reduce pollution & also earn some extra cash which you can use in buying a new catalytic converter.  

Now, what to do…First of all, you must check out some local recycling centers near you and connect to the specialist there and they will let you know how much money you’re going to get in return as the price also depends upon weight and the metal content.  

Moreover, if you get agreed with the price they mention, you’ll get on-spot cash without any hectic paperwork or anything….Just give your converter & get money instantly in return.  

The Conclusion

If you have an old catalytic converter, then there is no use in keeping it with you, however by reading this blog you might have understood that recycling your catalytic converter is fruitful in various ways. Now, wrapping up the blog here….If you want to get some extra information about how much Cash for Catalytic Converter you can get or where you go for this thing, just give us a call, and our representative will get in touch with you, moreover, you can also visit the website and get all the information there.

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