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Buy Or Sell Catalytic Converter

August 11, 2022

The development of certain prototypes in France at the end of the 19th century marks the beginning of the catalytic converter‘s history A French mechanical engineer named Eugene Houdry was granted a patent for his work on the creation of gasoline engine catalytic converters in the middle of the 1950s. Following the introduction of emissions control rules in the early 1960s, catalytic converters underwent significant development. The Engelhard Corporation produced the first catalytic converter for manufacturing in 1973, and by 1975, the component was being used extensively. So basically if your vehicle was made after 1975 then it will have a catalytic converter installed in it already.

The purpose of a catalytic converter is to transform hazardous substances’ emissions into harmless gasses such as steam before they enter the atmosphere. The catalyst converts dangerous compounds into harmless gasses before they enter the atmosphere.

Get Cash for Catalytic Converter

Did you know that a catalytic converter contains some precious metals like palladium, rhodium and platinum? They are very precious metals and can cost up to 20,000 USD per ounce. Typically, there are 3 to 7 grams of platinum in a standard catalytic converter. A standard converter also contains 2 to 7 grams of palladium and 1 to 2 grams of rhodium. These can cost very high if extracted properly. However, Extracting the precious metals from a catalytic converter is not DIY work and cannot be done in your garage because you require modern machinery to do it. If you want Cash for Catalytic Converter then you will have to contact a recycler like us to buy it. We at TopDollarForCars provide the top cash for our customer’s converters. We will always make sure to pay you more than $50 for your catalytic converter no matter in what condition it is in. Some of the converters can have a resale value of up to $800 to $1500. Keep in mind that if your catalytic converter gets stolen it could cost up to  $2000 and you must try to keep it safe and take all the safety measures to save it from stealing. 

Always remember that even if your catalytic converter is not in good health you must still sell it quickly as it harms the environment. Signs that your catalytic converter is not in good health are:

Problems starting the engine: Your car’s exhaust gasses need to go out. If your catalytic converter is clogged, it can effectively prevent this from happening. As a result, your car may stall or sputter when you try to start it.

Deteriorating Fuel Efficiency: Clogged catalytic converters can restrict airflow through your engine, resulting in increased fuel consumption and a significant reduction in fuel efficiency.

On vehicles made after 1996, there is a diagnostic system that can check the catalytic converter. If your converter isn’t functioning properly, the air-to-fuel ratio sensors may turn on the warning light. It could be difficult for the catalytic converter to convert exhaust gasses due to internal damage. The result could smell sulfuric, like an egg rotten.

Ineffective Acceleration: Once more, the exhaust gasses must find a way out. You can experience difficulty accelerating your car due to trapped exhaust and increased pressure from a blocked converter. When you try to accomplish this, you can experience jerking or stalling.

In many places, vehicles are required to undergo routine emissions testing; if yours fails, your catalytic converter may very probably be to blame. It’s possible that failing this test will also cause the other symptoms indicated above. However, if any of the above are relatable to you then you might have a broken converter and must sell it quickly and buy another one.

Buy Used Catalytic Convertors  

If your catalytic converter is in a bad condition and is basically broken or clogged then you must be aware that it is harming the environment by the smoke that comes out of the exhaust. You can get cash for catalytic converters and buy used converters at our place. We at TopDollarForCars provide used catalytic converters at cheap rates. Our catalytic converters are all original and we make sure that all of them are reliable to our customers. If you wish to purchase catalytic converters that are off high quality and next to new then we have them in our inventory as well. We have refurbished catalytic converters too. We have a lot of 2-way and 3-way catalytic converters with us in different conditions and of almost all the brands in the market.  We provide a warranty for all of the products that you purchase from us so buying a used product from us will be safe and not at all risky. 

How To Buy/sell A Catalytic Converter?

We at TopDollarForCars have been providing the top Cash for Catalytic Converter and will buy your car part at the best rate. If you want to sell it then you have to come to our place or we will send our employees to check and purchase the item from you. If you wish to buy a catalytic converter you can visit us or order online from our website or simply call us and we will let you know all the information regarding the car part that you are looking to purchase. Moreover, if you have any query regarding our services you can contact our customer service representatives who are qualified and professional and are trained about our company’s terms and conditions along with the policies. All of them work around the clock to make sure that all of the queries of our customers are resolved either through call, text or email.


Buying or selling car parts, may it be anything we are a one-stop solution for all as we provide the top cash for your car’s converter and we will provide you with a range of converters and you can choose the best used, refurbished or next to new catalytic converters of different types in different conditions. Contact us today to buy and sell car parts.

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